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Annapakshi 8x8

In Indian mythology, there exists a bird... a swan, the Annapkshi, that has descended from the heavens itself... a bird that was so pure and wise that if water was mixed with milk, it knew how to separate the water from the milk and drink the milk alone. Annapkshi is also known as bird of prosperity.
₹ 1,100.00

Incredible India 10x10

Taj Mahal Taj Mahal is one of the most flawless architectural creations of the world. It was built entirely out of white marbles & completed in the year 1653. Trimurti The huge, high-relief work of Mahesha- Murti( Trimurti) sculpture is considered to be among the most perfect expressions of Indian art of 7the Century AD Sanchi Stupa (3rd Century B.C. to the 12th Century A. D) It is one of the most wonderful structure of ancient India included by UNESCO as world heritage sites. It is located at Sanchi town in Madhya Pradesh India. Konark Sun Temple It is a 13th century Sun Temple, at Konark, in Odisha, India. It is believed that the temple was built by king Narasimhadeva I of Eastern Ganga Dynasty around AD 1250. Odissi (Indian Classical Dance) The history of Odissi dance is almost two thousand years old. Odissi is a highly inspired, passionate, ecstatic and sensuous form of dance. Kettuvallams (Kerala House Boat) These are one of the prominent tourist attraction in the backwaters of Kerala.
₹ 2,000.00

Pothi Ganesh 8x8

Lord Ganesha or the elephant God is known as one who removes all obstacles. Every holy ceremony in India starts only after invoking his blessings. Lord Ganesha is considered to be the God of intellect, wisdom, prudence and prosperity. Ganesh is also patron of arts and sciences.
₹ 1,100.00

Round Peacock 10x10

The male Indian Peafowl, commonly known as the peacock, is the national bird of India. This large, brightly colored bird has a distinctive crest and an unmistakable ornamental train. This train makes the male peafowl one of the largest flying birds in the world. When displaying to a female, the peacock erects this train into a spectacular fan.
₹ 2,000.00

Elephant Trunk up 10x10

Elephants are considered as the epitome of wisdom, wealth and strength in India. They are famed for their high intelligence and exceptional memory. The Elephant is one of the 'navratnas' (nine jewels of Indian mythology.)
₹ 2,000.00